Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 9, 2010

Ok i am going to write fast hahah I only have 15 min left. I wrote a letter to answer all your questions from last week and I'm sending it today. we do not have the pouch here I've been asking everyone so I have to send it through the Peru post and it might be a little pricey so you might not get a whole lot of hand written letters but I will try to send at least one a month to keep up with things. Dad I can't wait to go shooting with you that sounds like so much fun. I really wanna take some classes, some long rifle classes as well. Ok really quick I had my first baptism on Sunday it was awesome!!!! I baptized Edilson the 9 year old hahah I wrote a lot more in my letter about the work but it's going really good. We have this investigator right now Angela shes about 22 I think but everything was going perfect with her we had a baptism date and she was happy and then yesterday she told us she wanted to wait till Easter!!! I was like WHAT but it's all good we have a plan and are going to work with her. Another really good investigator we have is Moses way cool person his brother is a member and gave us Moses as a reference. We have a date to baptize him this weekend so that's some good news. we also have Barlow and his wife for this week he's really cool he's a bycicalist hahaha I know that's not how you spell it but its all good. well I'm running out of time ahhhh I wish I could type faster by the way i still don't have a response from president about the dropshot so I'm still waiting. Oh we got to play soccer with the pres today. That's the reason I'm writing now and not this morning but it was cool. The zone was there it was fun. Well my time is up hahaha so i love you all and I'm sorry if I missed some of your questions. Mom I have a suggestion!!! put all your questions at the top so i can read them real fast and answer as many as i can. Ok well I love you all and will talk to you next week and happy birthday Rocco!

Elder Ruggiero

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