Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday, July 26th

hey como esta? how is everybody doing?? i am so sorry i wasn't able to call you on Wednesday. we had a meeting with president Wetten on Tuesday and everything was going good he didn't say we couldn't call so i was assuming it was all good and then theres always that one person with a stupid question. Elder mann asked if we could call home and the answer was no so im sorry i didn't call home i told elder mann he needs to write you guys an apology letter hahahaha but its all good im loving this place so much right now. i don't have time to read all your letters so i am printing them off and reading them tonight and responding next week!! my companion is elder esteban and he is awesome i don't have any photos of him yet because wehavnt really had time to take any. we have been really really busy ahhaha i don't think ive ever been more tired in my life. the work is going really great though we are teacing a lot tons of contacting and just in the last three days we have 9 baptism dates. so the work i s goin good president fernandez wants 10 bapts a month so a huge goal but it looks like its posible. we are teaching this guy right now his name is edilson and he really likes us and the church but its hard because his parents are strong Catholics and his mom drinks quite a bit so they don't like us to much but we've been prayin for help and yesterday we were able to finally get a hold of edilsons parents and talk to them and the spirit was so strong and we ended up comiting them to baptism and they agree!!! it was awsome we had a really good day yesterday. another investigator her name is emely she really likes the church and wants to get baptized but she doesn't go to church much because she fishes for a living with her dad and they do a lot of there fishing on Sunday so its really hard getting her to come because she doesn't want to upset her father. we have one baptism this sat his name is louis david. ok i have 2 min left the pics i sent you is my apartment beauty aint it the bathroom is amazing hu!!! oh and elder esteban thought eldersilcocok was going to be his new camp and so hence the sign they spelled his name wrong though. hahaha and the big mountain is volcano misty and the rest are self explanitory. im out of time im so sorry its so short but i gatta run next Monday hopefully more alright ill ttyl

Elder Ruggiero