Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 2, 2010

OK leaving the mtc was one of the hardest things I've done i loved those guys they were like br4others but its like you said I'm glad to have had the experience and to have known them. it was really hard leaving Elder Silcock to what a guy. oh well after the mish. and by the way anyone can email me here its all good. My area is Arequipa hahaha I'm in the city its awesome here the zone is hunter and the district is satellite hahaha but yeah i love it the work is awesome!!!! we work a lot and my Spanish is getting so much better. the accent down her is very pure but fast but I'm getting used to it and can understand most and say what i wanna say. its perfect but give me another month and a half and ill be speaking pretty good. its amazing how much i have learned though. I can speak Spanish hahaha for the most part.

um package info the zone leader said there's no problem with sending packages but not to exceed 100 dollars worth of stuff in it or i will have to pay a fee i don't its weird but the address i think is

Elder Ruggiero
Mision Peru Arequipa
Casilla 1884
Peru Arequipa

well my time is up i love you all so much and mom i would love to sit down and talk with you as well bu ti gotta run i love you so much and will ttyl

Elder Ruggiero

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