Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hey everyone

Ok I am going to only write whats going on in the mish right now hahaha a request from jen jen. OK to start off my Spanish is doing really good I can understand almost everybody except for a few. But just because its really fast and unclear. I can teach all the lessons and basically say what I want to so I'm practicing now on new vocabulary and my accent because gringo Spanish is ugly!! but I'm loving it. last Sunday I gave my first talk in Spanish and it was only notes and I didn't say anything embarrassing it was awesome I'm truly being blessed with the language. my goal is in 3 months speak perfect Spanish!!! so keep me in your prayers. The work is going good!! It's really hard and frustrating sometimes but I love it and I am learning so much!!!! for example we have this investigator Angela shes about 22 and stuborn!!! but its awesome because shes progressed so much but we've taught her all the lessons and as of one week and a half ago she wanted to get baptized then last Sunday not this last Sunday but the one before we had a baptism for this kid Edilson it was awesome my first one and we invited her to watch and after the baptism we had an appointment to visit her and talk with her about the baptism. well she told us she believed in the church and everything but she wanted to wait till January to be baptized. she had a date for the 21st by the way. anyways its really cool because we met with her two time this last week and got her to commit to be baptized this next week or the next, we still need to set it all up so I'm not sure of the date. so few I don't know, its tough but I love it!!!! we also have this guy named mo Moses awesome person his brother is a member and goes trakting with us when he has time really cool person. anyways Moses believes in everything even the book of Mormon but not Joseph smith. don't ask me how that's possible but yeah its a work in progress. then Barlow is our next to get baptized. he wants to get baptized with his wife but his wife is a little sick right now so he wants to wait a couple weeks so well see. one of the biggest problems here is the people don't like to go to church because I guess in the catholic church you don't have to assist church on Sunday its a little frustrating but its all good. oh so we had our first multi-zone the other day and elder keel was there is was really cool but president has some new goals for us that I don't know how I feel about yet hahaha he wants 90 contacts a day 3 baptisms a week 40 new people in church on Sunday yeah I don't know - we barely have 60 members in church on Sunday so hahah its a little tough. well I'm running out of time so now for a few questions.

Ok I am officially out of time I'm sorry I want to say so much more but I gotta run love ya tons

Elder Ruggiero

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 9, 2010

Ok i am going to write fast hahah I only have 15 min left. I wrote a letter to answer all your questions from last week and I'm sending it today. we do not have the pouch here I've been asking everyone so I have to send it through the Peru post and it might be a little pricey so you might not get a whole lot of hand written letters but I will try to send at least one a month to keep up with things. Dad I can't wait to go shooting with you that sounds like so much fun. I really wanna take some classes, some long rifle classes as well. Ok really quick I had my first baptism on Sunday it was awesome!!!! I baptized Edilson the 9 year old hahah I wrote a lot more in my letter about the work but it's going really good. We have this investigator right now Angela shes about 22 I think but everything was going perfect with her we had a baptism date and she was happy and then yesterday she told us she wanted to wait till Easter!!! I was like WHAT but it's all good we have a plan and are going to work with her. Another really good investigator we have is Moses way cool person his brother is a member and gave us Moses as a reference. We have a date to baptize him this weekend so that's some good news. we also have Barlow and his wife for this week he's really cool he's a bycicalist hahaha I know that's not how you spell it but its all good. well I'm running out of time ahhhh I wish I could type faster by the way i still don't have a response from president about the dropshot so I'm still waiting. Oh we got to play soccer with the pres today. That's the reason I'm writing now and not this morning but it was cool. The zone was there it was fun. Well my time is up hahaha so i love you all and I'm sorry if I missed some of your questions. Mom I have a suggestion!!! put all your questions at the top so i can read them real fast and answer as many as i can. Ok well I love you all and will talk to you next week and happy birthday Rocco!

Elder Ruggiero

August 2, 2010

OK leaving the mtc was one of the hardest things I've done i loved those guys they were like br4others but its like you said I'm glad to have had the experience and to have known them. it was really hard leaving Elder Silcock to what a guy. oh well after the mish. and by the way anyone can email me here its all good. My area is Arequipa hahaha I'm in the city its awesome here the zone is hunter and the district is satellite hahaha but yeah i love it the work is awesome!!!! we work a lot and my Spanish is getting so much better. the accent down her is very pure but fast but I'm getting used to it and can understand most and say what i wanna say. its perfect but give me another month and a half and ill be speaking pretty good. its amazing how much i have learned though. I can speak Spanish hahaha for the most part.

um package info the zone leader said there's no problem with sending packages but not to exceed 100 dollars worth of stuff in it or i will have to pay a fee i don't its weird but the address i think is

Elder Ruggiero
Mision Peru Arequipa
Casilla 1884
Peru Arequipa

well my time is up i love you all so much and mom i would love to sit down and talk with you as well bu ti gotta run i love you so much and will ttyl

Elder Ruggiero